Limini Coffee introduces environmentally friendly coffee pods

UK, Yorkshire-based Limini Coffee has launched environmentally friendly coffee pods, which customers can fill themselves with any roasted coffee beans from the Limini range.

Once used, the pods can be covered with damp soil and will decompose in a month, or they can safely be put into the food waste bin.

The pods, designed for use in coffee machines, can be filled with the customer’s choice of coffee. A rack carries up to 10 empty pods, so customers can fill enough pods for a day, or a week, depending on their coffee drinking habits. The chosen coffee is poured into the pods, tamped down, and the top stuck on.

The eco-friendly pods are designed to be used with Nespresso machines. The benefit of self-filled coffee pods is that customers can choose their favourite roasted coffee beans and have the confidence of knowing that their empty pods are fully sustainable.

Customers choosing to make their own pods, are not only being more environmentally friendly and getting the exact coffee they want, but they can also save money. A starter pack that includes the tray plus 75 pods and lids is £23.35 + VAT, and refill packs of 75 pods and lids are £8.60 + VAT.

Limini Coffee aims to dispatch all orders for next day delivery with DPD and Royal Mail, or customers can collect directly from their Yorkshire roastery.

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