Jing Tea launches new organic first flush darjeeling

British brand, Jing Tea, has launched its single garden Organic Darjeeling First Flush Supreme, a spring 2020 tea available exclusively on the company’s website.

Remotely sourced from London due to the lockdown, this tea was delayed prior to its journey to the UK by the devastating impact of Cyclone Amphan in the Kolkata region. ‘DJ1’, as this first flush Darjeeling tea is known, is reportedly a fragrant, sweet and reviving Indian black tea, normally taking the prized place of first spring tea of the year and arriving in the UK before the end of April.

Jing’s Organic Darjeeling First Flush Supreme was picked in small quantities in very early March 2020 and produced when conditions were perfect, according to Jing. This new batch has been carefully selected from Mr Subroto Sen, tea master of Badamtam Garden, to express the unique Darjeeling terroir. Badamtam is reportedly one of the best known and highest quality estates for first flush in the area – a place that has been producing tea throughout the spring in the shadow of the Kanchenjunga mountain, deep in the Himalayas, for the past 160 years. The garden is very high (some of the bushes are at 1,830m altitude) and one of only a few using organic farming practices. The result of Mr Sen’s carefully-picked ‘tippy’ batch for Jing is ‘exceptionally’ fresh leaves with sweet, floral aromas and textures and a warm, pale gold colour in the cup.

Organic Darjeeling First Flush Supreme is sold exclusively at: jingtea.com/shop/organic-darjeeling-tea-first-flush-supreme. A 50g bag of loose leaf tea has an RRP of £22 and a 100g bag of loose leaf tea has an RRP of £34.

JING’s recommended method of infusion for its new tea is 4g/2tsp per 250ml; 80˚C; 3 minutes per infusion.

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