Drink Nutrient launches Vitamin Coffee

Nevada-based functional beverage company, Drink Nutrient, has released a way for health-conscious consumers to get their daily vitamins, in the form of Vitamin Coffee.

Taglined as “coffee beyond caffeine,” Vitamin Coffee is a natural health enhancer that will contribute to your vitamin intake in liquid form. Using the west coast’s largest sublimation unit, best described as a giant vacuum chamber, Drink Nutrient uses all natural, 100% Colombian Arabica coffee and packs each product with 13 essential vitamins in each serving. Vitamin Coffee can be served either hot or cold.

“People of all lifestyles drink coffee – from the busy office associate to the relaxed camping enthusiast,” said Dana Beck, Drink Nutrient’s chief operating officer. “What if drinking two cups of coffee per day gave you all of the daily vitamins you need to not only stay alert but also perform at your best? That’s where Vitamin Coffee comes in.”

Drink Nutrient uses precision manufacturing and individual ingredient dosing to ensure its products contain accurate and consistent nutrient ratios. The company’s food scientists are able to eliminate much of the nutrient degradation that takes place in many cooked foods by avoiding temperatures higher than 180°F in Drink Nutrient’s warehouse.

“Seven years of research and development went into the proprietary recipes put to use in our facility, including Vitamin Coffee,” commented Beck.

As a “functional drink” providing health benefits beyond basic nutrition, Vitamin Coffee naturally supports sustained energy, muscle repair, bone health, better moods, heart health and a strong immune system.

Vitamin Coffee comes in a box filled with 30x 8g packets.

For more information about Vitamin Coffee, visit drinknutrient.com/collections/our-products/products/vitamin-coffee.

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