Portland Roasting Coffee becomes Portland Coffee Roasters

Oregon-based Portland Roasting Coffee has announced a brand refresh that includes a name change, a new logo and updated packaging. Now known as Portland Coffee Roasters, the company has unveiled a brand identity that supports its mission to create positive human connections through coffee by building a socially-responsible business.

The new Portland Coffee Roasters logo has shifted from a thin and delicate serif font on a cream background to a bold typeset in black on gold.

“Our original packaging featuring coffee seedlings was subtle and never really stood out,” said Mark Stell, Portland Coffee Roasters’ founder and managing partner. “We updated our packaging to be bright and youthful, while telling the story of who we are and what we stand for.”

Portland Coffee Roasters continues to be committed to building and strengthening sustainable coffee communities with everyone involved in the coffee chain. The new packaging features a warm, gold background with inviting illustrations that symbolize the global community the company serves. Hand-drawn doodles by Taylor Engel and Klay Arsenault depict the people who create the coffee experience, from the coffee grower, to the roaster, to the barista.

“The doodle concept represents who we are as a company,” said Stell. “Doodles are fun and approachable; they are a genuine expression of human nature and creativity. The doodle theme of our new packaging meshes perfectly with the culture and personality of Portland Coffee Roasters – understated, accessible and unpretentious.”

The packaging for the product line includes 12-ounce bags heat sealed and nitrogen flushed with a zip closure for maximum freshness; five-pound bags also heat sealed; single-serve cups, which feature two grams more coffee per cup than average single-serve cups; and portion packs designed to maintain freshness and produce consistent results with drip coffee machines.

The new packaging supports Portland Coffee Roasters’ belief that when someone buys a bag of its coffee, they are supporting a global community that respects people, philosophy, environment and craftsmanship. For more information, visit the new website at PortlandCoffeeRoasters.com

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