Coffee roaster launches fuss free coffee bags

Tea and coffee merchant, John Farrer & Co of Kendal, has created a “fuss free” single use coffee bag containing 7.5g of coffee – the perfect dose for making a standard cup of coffee.

Farrer’s new single portion coffee bags – similar to teabags – are designed to give consumers specialty coffee without having to deal with cafetières or brewing equipment. All users have to do is pop a coffee bag into the cup add freshly boiled water, leave for roughly three minutes then stir, squeeze and then dispose of the used coffee bag.

Retailing at £3.95 for 15 bags, Farrer’s coffee bags are available in two varieties:

  • A Colombian single origin coffee sourced from the Huila region, which brews a wonderfully bright and fruity cup, with hints of toffee apple and blackcurrant, with a dark chocolate finish.
  • Decaf, from a single origin source in Brazil, with rich peanut and chocolate notes, medium body and low acidity.

Dave Walsh,  general manager at Farrer’s, based in Kendal UK, said: “We’ve been working to get the taste profiles for both of these products right for just over six months. Experimented with using different materials for the bags, changing the weight of coffee used, with different grinds to maximise flavour and delivery.

“A good coffee needs to infuse the water as it brews, so we’ve come up trumps delivering flavour with both our Colombian and Decaf bags. We think you’ll agree they deliver a great cup of coffee and all you need is a kettle.”

To find out more about Farrer’s teas and coffees or to buy direct visit:

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