Takeaway cup recycling system launches in UK

Packaging manufacturer Detpak is launching its RecycleMe system for takeaway cups in the UK.

The RecycleMe system was developed by Detpak, a manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions for the food service industry, and involves the sale, collection and recycling of its new recyclable coffee cups.

Contrary to common belief, around 99% of takeaway cups are currently unrecyclable, which means that over 7 million cups are taken to landfill every day in the UK alone.

The RecycleMe system is tackling this problem by providing an affordable, sustainable alternative for commercial businesses. Detpak sells the cups directly to its partner businesses across the UK, and when used, the cups are collected by Shredall SDS Group, Detpak’s primary recycling partner in the UK for this service. Shredall then transports the cups to a recycling processing facility, at which point the cups are transformed into usable paper which is then reused in other products.

“Shredall Recycling have thousands of collection points around the UK and are supporting the establishment of additional collection points for RecycleMe cups”, said Nik Williams, group managing director.

“Currently less than 1% of takeaway cups are recycled and unlike many other initiatives, the RecycleMe System is designed to provide a guarantee and transparency of the recycling process.”

The system is already available in Australia and New Zealand, with RecycleMe customers in the UK already including Taylor St Baristas (9 London sites), Caravan (6 London sites), Prufrock (Holborn) and Colonna & Smalls (Bath).

Detpak’s RecycleMe marketing manager Felicity Parker said it provides a true end to end solution for takeaway cups and lids: “Our RecycleMe cups have a next generation lining to allow cups to be recycled.

“Importantly, we’ve ensured the collection and recycling logistics of this system, thanks to the right industry partnerships, such as with Shredall Recycling.”

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