Aspen Beverage Group expands production site

Aspen Beverage Group has completed its latest expansion project to increase its cold and hot brew coffee production capabilities for local and global brands, resulting in the creation of more skilled manufacturing jobs.

Aspen opened the new 65,000-square-foot facility in San Antonio, made possible thanks to a substantial investment from Aspen’s parent company, James Finlay Limited of London, England.     

“When Finlays bought Aspen Beverage Group in 2017, the UK-based tea and coffee firm immediately began to invest in Aspen. This latest expansion enables us to increase production in one of the fastest growing segments in the coffee industry, cold brew supporting leading national retailers and global brands throughout the US, Asia and Europe,” said Aspen CEO Charley Snell. “I want to thank Finlays for making this possible.”

Neil Willsher, chairman of the board of Aspen and group operations director of James Finlay Limited said: “San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in America, and Aspen Beverage Group is one of the fastest-growing coffee companies in the nation,” Willsher said. “We are proud to make this investment that will help Aspen continue its fast track for growth and help increase the number of manufacturing jobs that contribute to San Antonio’s economy.”


About Aspen Beverage Group

Aspen was originally founded by San Antonio entrepreneur Chad McNair and has been creating custom beverage solutions since 1993, specializing in coffee extracts and concentrates. In 2017, James Finlay acquired 100% of the shares in Aspen Beverage. The company offers a line-up of Pure Cold Brew Extracts, Liquid Coffee Concentrates, Iced Coffees, and Cappuccino Icers. Aspen’s customers include national brand retailers, CPG (consumer-packaged goods) companies and private label companies. For more information, visit

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