Global coffee machine sales are predicted to reach 58 million units

Global coffee machine sales are predicted to reach 58 million units in 2019, growing at over 4% over 2018, according to a study by Fact.MR.

The evolving demand trends in the coffee machine market can be attributed to a wider knowledge of coffee varieties and a growing palate for specialty beverages among consumers, innovations in coffee machines, and the rise in F&B/coffee shops.

The study showed that drip coffee machines will account for 43% of the total coffee machine sales in 2019. Good price, easy operation, simple design, and quality brewing are the key factors responsible for the significant demand for drip coffee machines. The quantity of quality coffee produced through drip machines also makes them especially popular in cafés and office settings.

Sales of capsule-based coffee machines are expected to increase over 5% in 2019 against the backdrop of increasing preference for specialty coffee varieties among consumers.

Semi-automatic coffee machines will continue to find favor due to the advantages of human control, affordable price and many other multimodal factors. The study estimates that semi-automatic coffee machine sales will surpass 27 million units in 2019. Meanwhile, sales of automatic coffee machines are rising rapidly as consumer preference for convenience, speed, quality and brand image continues to evolve.

The study found that cafés buy the most coffee machines, with 3 in 10 sales going to cafés in 2018. Restaurants report the second largest sales of coffee machines.

The study estimates that online sales channels are preferred over retail or direct sales channel for the distribution of coffee machines. In 2019, the number of coffee machine units sold through online sales channel will be over 4 units in 10, while 3 in 10 will be bought via retail.

The study found that North America will continue to register significant demand for coffee machines and will account for over two-fifths of global sales in 2019.

Europe registered the second largest demand for coffee machines in 2018 and the trend is likely to continue in 2019 with a one fifth volume share in the global market.

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