Super Espresso beverages from Kitu

Following its rebrand last year, Kitu Coffee has expanded its range with a new line of Super Espresso beverages, available in original, caramel and vanilla.

This latest innovation is a 6-ounce can loaded with 180 milligrams of caffeine from three shots of organic espresso, 5g of whey protein concentrate, healthy fats from coconut MCT oil, 40 calories and zero sugar. Monk fruit gives sweetness without the need for sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Super Espresso contains l-theanine (an antioxidant found in green tea) and MCT oil (healthy fats from coconut oil) which together with the caffeine provide a smooth, sustained, energy boost without the crash.

“Everybody needs energy, and until now, the only fast and effective energy options on the market are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients,” said Kitu’s co-founder and Youngest Brother, Jordan DeCicco. “Super Espresso provides the energy we all need without the sugar, and the added benefits of healthy fats and a little bit of protein.”

Jim DeCicco CEO and Oldest Brother, said, “We all have those occasions where it’s crunch time and we need to get the job done—at the gym, at the office, or on-the-go. Super Espresso is that quick and healthy energy fix that will help everyone hit their goals and deadlines.”

Kitu Life Inc was founded in 2015 by Jordan, Jake and Jim DeCicco. The DeCicco brothers were each collegiate athletes with a passion for nutrition and wellness.


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