PHCR introduces steeped coffee

Chicago, Illinois-based Passion House Coffee Roasters has debuted its new Steeped Coffee products.

Steeped Coffee are single-use coffee bags – similar to conventional tea bags – and are ideal to have your favorite coffee on-the-go or while away in a hotel for example. Simply steep the bag in hot water as you would tea and experience the freshly brewed taste in an instant.

Filled with PHCR’s ground Chicago House Blend, each steeping bag is nitro-flushed, removing any air that will affect flavor and quality, and has a shelf-life of six months.

Steeped Coffee is currently available in single and 10 packs, online and in-store.

About Passion House Coffee Roasters

Since 2011, Passion House Coffee Roasters have been pursuing the art of great coffee in Chicago, IL. Driven by their passion and guided by a lifetime of experience, they seek to elevate their customer’s coffee experience by sourcing quality, sustainable beans and roasting them to their fullest potential, by hand, on a vintage 1957 German Probat cast-iron roaster. Their philosophy is simple; find coffee farmers, coffee importers, and coffee enthusiasts that share the same passion for the art of coffee, and collectively create quality coffees.

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