Ethiopian Airlines Sponsors International Coffee Event in Ethiopia

Ethiopia invites the coffee industry to attend the inaugural event 4-5 December in Addis Ababa at the United Nations Conference Center. The two-day meeting is projected to bring together multiple stakeholders from all over the world including coffee exporters, coffee researchers, coffee roasters and exhibitors and will serve as an ideal platform for experiences sharing and networking.

Life in Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee – is celebrated with coffee, it is an integral part of daily life, so guests will have the opportunity to partake in a traditional coffee ceremony.

After the exhibition and conference there is an option for a coffee safari to Kaffa, a forested region in the southwest where coffea arabica grows wild. The word in Ethiopia for coffee is “bun” so the term coffee bean likely dates its origins to “Kaffa bun.”

The event is being spearheaded by Ethiopian Airlines, The New Spirit of Africa, along with the Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority, Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, Ethiopian Tourism Organization, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Trade.

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