Sean Elder coffee workshops at Tea & Coffee World Cup

We are very pleased to announce Sean Elder, Head of Blend Development & Training for James Aimer Ltd, will be looking after the Coffee Workshop area on the final day of Tea & Coffee World Cup this by holding a number of fantastic classes.

Sean Elder is a SCA Diploma holder and an Authorized SCA Trainer in Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills and Brewing. Sean ran his own coffee shop until 2017 when he decided to gain new skills in blending, tasting and roasting coffee and is currently gaining SCA certification in Roasting. Sean is Head of Blend Development & Training for James Aimer Ltd in Dundee, Scotland and has been instrumental in designing a new Coffee and Tea Academy as part of James Aimer’s continued drive to improve the quality of coffee and tea consumed in the out-of-home market.

Please see full list of classes with descriptions below.

Advanced Cupping, 5 September, 10.15 – 11.45
In this seminar we will look at the theories of where flavour comes from, explore the SCA standards and protocols used for cupping and why we cup. You will get the opportunity to cup a roast from the initial colour change right the way through to second crack.

Outline objectives:
• Flavour and where it comes from
• Standards and protocols
• Why we cup and the benefits to the taster and the consumer
• Cupping from initial colour change through to 2nd crack

Sensory and Cupping for Defects, 5 September, 12.15 – 13.45
One important reason for cupping coffee is to prevent the purchase of defective coffee beans. But how do you know what a defect is and not just a flavour in the coffee? We will explore some of the most common defects found in coffee and begin to taste for these with a quizzical game of Guess the Defect!

Outline objectives:
• Rules for cupping
• Importance of building up a memory bank
• Guess the Defect

To Blend or Not To Blend, 5 September, 14.00 – 15.00
That is the question, and we will explore the reasons behind choosing to blend and not to blend. We will look at the benefits and potential difficulties that arise when creating blends. We will look at approaches to blending and how it can benefit your business and improve customer experiences.

Outline objectives:
• History of Blending
• Why businesses blend
• Why some roasters choose not to blend
• Explore reasons behind potentially bad reputations of blending

All classes are priced at £20 for pre-registration and £25 on the day. To book, register to attend Tea & Coffee World Cup or sign in if you have already registered using this link Once logged in, click ‘Book Workshops’ and follow the instructions.

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