Mothers Prefer to Drink Coffee or Tea at Home

Mothers are more likely to drink either coffee or tea while at home instead of on-the-go, according to a new Mother’s Day survey from Amora, a subscription-based coffee company in the US.

Key findings from the survey include:

• 76.5% of moms drink coffee or tea
• 40% of moms drink a cup every morning, 28% drink 2-3 cups per day, and 7% drink 3+ cups a day
• 85% of moms drink their coffee/tea at home instead of on the go
• 55.5% of moms jump-start their days with a fresh cup of coffee or tea
• 73.5% of consumers plan to purchase a Mother’s Day present

Mother’s Day provides an opportunity for consumers to show their mothers how much they care with a unique and thoughtfully selected gift. “Consumers enjoy showering their mothers with gifts during Mother’s Day and what better way than to gift her with something she truly enjoys,” says Marina DiDomenico, co-founder of Amora. “We indulge in the opportunity to support coffee lovers and be their perfect gift.”

She adds that Mother’s Day is an opportunity for consumers to celebrate all that their moms have done for them. “The survey data has showed that these super hero moms need coffee or tea to power them through their days. Amora is grateful to have the opportunity to provide fresh, premium products to mothers not only for the holiday, but every day of the year,” says DiDomenico.

The nationwide survey was conducted online from 13-15 March and revealed the majority of mom’s coffee and tea consumption habits. Amora’s survey was completed by more than 200 women and men nationwide between the ages of 18-60.

Headquartered in New York, Amora is a subscription-based coffee company delivering premium coffee directly to consumers across the US.

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