TEWS Elektronik acquires iScan from Intelscan

TEWS Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, has acquired the moisture measurement system iScan from the Icelandic company, Intelscan.

“[With] our technology, we can measure the moisture and density of various materials independently. We were already a global leader in this area, and iScan was the only serious competitor from a technological point of view in some of our core markets, in particular in the area of food and feed. The takeover supplements our product portfolio very well,” explains André Tews, partner and managing director of TEWS Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG. The acquisition took place in April.

Olafur Helgi Jonsson, director of Intelscan adds, “The digital cross-linking of industrial production with intelligent information technology is becoming ever more important, and the requirements for highly exact moisture measurement are increasing around the world. Microwave technology, which is the main feature and key characteristic of our two measuring technologies, is becoming increasingly essential. I am pleased that TEWS will continue to develop the measuring principle and has the necessary distribution capacity to establish iScan around the world.”

With the new product line, TEWS Elektronik takes over a measurement system that supplements the existing resonance and transmission procedures with microwave reflection. The new measurement system, which in future will go by the name of MW-Scan, is already being used successfully across Europe in the feed and pet food industry.

“With the MW-Scan, we will be able to provide not only our premium measuring systems for certain applications but also a system that knows to impress through particularly simple functionality and fulfils the demands of the moisture testing irrespective of density,” says Tews, adding that their global presence and product portfolio enables them to provide tailor-made solutions and global service around the clock.

TEWS Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Hamburg in 1970. TEWS has opened service centers in Bangkok and Hong Kong, and in August 2016, established the subsidiary TEWS of America Corp., in Durham, North Carolina.

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