Peet’s springs coffee forward with Honey inspired beverages

Peet’s Coffee 2017 spring beverage selection continues to underscore the brand’s Coffee First approach with new Honey Macchiato, Honey Cortado, and Honey Matcha Tea Latte.

“In welcoming spring, honey felt fitting for a seasonal lineup representative of nature and freshness,” says Dave Burwick, CEO, Peet’s Coffee, Emeryville, California. “We’re thrilled to add to our menu three options that feature an ingredient with a versatility of flavour that blends seamlessly with our handcrafted Espresso Forte, delivering an unparalleled taste.”

 Leveraging honey as a key component, Peet’s is highlighting a coffeebar lineup that includes the following beverages available from 8 March to 9 May 2017:

  • Honey Macchiato (USD $4.10 – $5.10): A fresh twist on the macchiato produced featuring a hand-pulled shot of Peet’s rich, fresh espresso and finished with a swirl of real honey atop a dollop of perfectly steamed foam.
  • Honey Cortado (USD $3.50): Drawing inspiration from Spanish coffee influence, Peet’s proprietary Espresso Forte is lightly steamed to complement a delicate infusion of honey with a light dusting of cinnamon.
  • Honey Matcha Tea Latte (USD $4.05– $5.05): Organic, ceremonial grade matcha tea from Mighty Leaf Tea, steamed in milk, and with a touch of honey sweetness.

“Honey has experienced steady growth in recent years, especially with consumers craving artisanal products,” says Patrick Main, senior R&D manager, Peet’s Coffee. “More and more we have seen it paired with a variety of foods. With coffee, its unique and full-bodied flavor profile draws out the complex tonalities of our beans to produce a harmonious cup.”


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