Argo Tea’s new wellness collection targets five occasions

Argo Tea’s newest loose-leaf lineup, the Wellness Collection, is made with “tea and ingredients with a purpose.” The five premium blends are designed to help restore health so consumers feel their best. The collection includes the following teas, each of which has unique tasting notes and blends:

  • Detox – cleansing blend of green tea, herbs and spices;
  • Empower – strengthening blend of hibiscus flowers, apple and elderberries;
  • Energized – invigorating blend of Assam black tea, cocoa and cinnamon;
  • Relax – calming blend of rooibos, chamomile blossoms and orange petals;
  • Renew – refreshing blend of fruits, herbs and aloe vera.

Argo Tea sources high quality ingredients from around the world, including handpicked, loose-leaf teas. The caffeine levels range from high to caffeine-free depending on the intended health benefit of the tea, and each blend is made with real pieces of fruit, flowers, and other all-natural ingredients.

“We created this new collection to support wellness of body and mind,” said Kari Ginal, vice president of marketing, Argo Tea, Chicago, Illinois. “We have a tea to support you in so many of life’s moments – whether you feel the onset of a cold, need to wind down after a tough day or get pumped up for a big occasion.”

Studies show that these all-natural ingredients play a large role in the health benefits offered in each tea. According to Argo, green tea has been shown to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol, which makes up the core base of its Detox tea. Yerba mate provides an energy boost with no “crash” and chamomile has been used for centuries to treat chest colds and upset stomachs – both found in the Energize and Relax teas.

The Wellness Collection is available online at and in Argo Tea cafés. The retail price for each loose-leaf bottle is USD $15.95, ranging in net weight based on each blend: Energize (5.6 oz., brews 85 cups), Detox (3.2 oz., brews 50 cups), Empower (4.4 oz., brews 70 cups), Renew (2.1 oz., brews 30 cups) and Relax (3.2 oz., brews 50 cups).

The Wellness Collection is also featured in a line of new signature drinks available at Argo Tea cafes nationwide. Offered for a limited time, the new drinks pair wellness teas with innovative functional ingredients like Säpp Birch Water, tapped from birch trees in the mountains of eastern Europe. They are available through only 20 March, at participating Argo Tea cafés.


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