Martin Carwardine redesigns its labelling

Independent coffee roaster Martin Carwardine has redesigned its labelling as part of the launch of its newly refurbished retail website. The redesign is the latest development in a history of coffee retailing stretching back to the 18th century, when Bristol was a flourishing commercial port with elegant clippers regularly to be seen returning from plantations in India, Ceylon and the Far East.

“We’re immensely proud of our heritage in the local area,” says roastmaster and proprietor of the Somerset, England based company, Martin Carwardine. “My father taught me how to roast coffee and his father taught him and his before him, all the way back to Edmund Carwardine in 1861. Those traditional flame-roasting techniques are still used today. I really wanted this legacy of expertise to be captured in our branding.”

Designer Bonnie Jacobs, who created the new look, explains, “We chose illustrations created using traditional techniques, such as woodcut printing and etching, to evoke the brand’s proud history. The individual illustrations make it easy to differentiate between the different coffees, while as a collective they establish consistency across the range.”

“It was a real jaunt through history to create the new designs,” adds Carwardine. “Our single origin coffee icons each feature imagery from a genuine 18th century shipping map that we have hanging at the Roast House. It’s nice to think that the map’s still bringing coffee and customers together today.”

Martin Carwardine’s range of traditionally hand roasted coffees will be available at beginning 1 December.

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