Everything’s coming up roses

At first glance, you’ve probably noticed that T&CTJ looks different, but maybe the difference is not obvious. First of all, the white box that detracted from our beautiful covers is gone—never to return! Why has the box finally been removed? It’s the result of the biggest change to T&CTJ —our new owner. In May, UK-based Bell Publishing acquired T&CTJ from Lockwood Publications.

Without going into details, as many of you are aware, the last couple of years have been particularly rough for the magazine and for Tea & Coffee World Cup. But under Bell Publishing’s ownership, things will be changing— and changing for the better. T&CTJ will be receiving a makeover and the circulation and distribution problems are being rectified. Bell is also revamping the website (www.teaandcoffee.net) and strengthening the staff to ensure all territories are covered. These are just a few of the improvements being made.

We will experience some “transition pains,” so please bear with us because things truly are improving. I’d like to thank all of our advertisers, subscribers, writers, TCWC exhibitors, and associations/organizations with which we have partnered, for your patience and continued loyalty. I have Patti Lupone in my head belting out Mamma Rose’s signature song in the Broadway Show, Gypsy, “Everything’s coming up roses for you…” because I believe it to be true. T&CTJ is turning a corner with this issue and soon we will be marching proudly down a new road, one in which I hope you, our advertisers, subscribers, writers and partners, will take with us.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Neil McRitchie, the founder of Bell Publishing and publishing director for T&CTJ. On the following page, Neil will discuss who Bell Publishing is and the many exciting changes the company has planned for Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and Tea & Coffee World Cup.

T&CTJ’s headquarters, operations and printing are moving to the UK, but I will remain based in New York. Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions you may have about the acquisition and transition. I will also be attending World Tea Expo in Las Vegas and SCAE’s World of Coffee Event in Dublin this month, so feel free to flag me down when you see me walking the show floors if you would like to chat.

I look forward to continuing to work with all of T&CTJ’s current partners (advertisers, exhibitors, associations/organizations, writers—so many!) and to cultivating new collaborations under our new Bell Publishing ownership. Thank you again for your long-time continued support of T&CTJ.

Vanessa L. Facenda, editor-in-chief

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