October 2016

Spotlight: Combatting disease & infestation China’s dark teas Blending teas at origin Espresso Soluble coffee Packaging Roasting/grinding/processing/technology Special report: Brazil Pt IV Origin highlight: Central America Bonus show distribution: Coffee Fest Western, US; Trieste Espresso; NCA Coffee Summit; Pack Expo; Sintercafe; ASIC

June 2016

Legendary tea roads Demise of single serve? Bioactive compounds in tea Changing coffee consuming habits in the UK Tea & Coffee World Cup Krakow review

July/August 2019

Market Report: Baltic States Origin Highlight: India RTD Tea Plastic Free Grading Standards Special Report: Impact of Contaminants & Toxicants

September 2019

Spotlight: South America (Coffee & Tea) • Equipment & Packaging Special Section • Logistics & Warehousing • Matcha • Single Serve • Sustainability in Tea Bonus Show Distribution: North American Tea Conference • Pack Expo • SCAJ Expo

October 2019

Spotlight: Central America • Black vs Green Tea • Certification • Decaf Coffee • Roasting/Grinding/Processing Technology • Tea & Coffee World Conference Post-Show Report Bonus Show Distribution: Host Milan • Sintercafé

November 2019

Spotlight: Middle East (Coffee & Tea) • Office Coffee Service • Packaging • Private Label • Wellness Teas Bonus Show Distribution: Dubai International Coffee & Tea Festival • PLMA Show