Heritage growing regions are captured in new ultra-premium Alumbre coffee

Out of the legendary coffee fields of Costa Rica, Colombia, Sumatra, and Ethiopia comes Alumbre, a new, premium hand-crafted coffee line.

Named for the river that flows west facing the hills of the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, Alumbre is long revered as the home to some of the finest coffee farms in the world. Here, the river flows in the direction of excellence, nurturing the prized estate of Hacienda La Minita.

With hand-picked coffee beans from heritage growing regions, Alumbre roastmasters have coaxed alluring flavour notes, creating five new ultra-premium coffees:

  • La Minita Tarrazu the most prized coffee, hailing from the flagship estate in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The unique combination of the optimum climate, elevation, and soil contributes to its unparalleled quality. This single origin medium roast presents sweet flavours of orange and caramelized sugar.
  • Alma Del Café De Jardin is a single origin medium roast from Colombia. The rich volcanic soil and unique microclimates in the Antioquia region provide excellent growing conditions that result in a rich and sweet coffee with flavours of chocolate, caramel and hints of tropical fruit.
  • Yirgacheffe is a single origin medium roast from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. The most discriminating coffee buyers in the world seek out this coffee with fruity notes, a floral aroma, and playful hints of lemon and berries.
  • Mutu Batak is a single origin dark roast from the Lintong region of Sumatra. This coffee is completely wet hulled, sun-dried and triple-picked, creating layers of citrus and pipe tobacco notes with floral and sandalwood aromas.
  • French Roast is a premium full-bodied blend of our finest Latin American beans, roasted to perfection to create this bold and intense dark roast with distinctly smoky overtones.

Alumbre’s packaging design is inspired by the river and heritage terrain where the coffee originates. The four single-origin coffees – all 100 percent Arabica beans – will be available in 12-oz bags of whole beans, and the French Roast blend in a 10-oz bag of whole beans. Alumbre Coffee will be available only at www.AlumbreCoffee.com.

Alumbre is Renton, Washington-based Java Trading Company’s first line of branded coffee, committed to sustainable farming, milling, sourcing, and roasting. Alumbre practices stewardship of both its employees and land and works only with producers who share its values. Alumbre believes its coffee represents two things: the special nature of the places where great coffees thrive, and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing them. Farm and mill workers and their families receive high wages, have access to long-term savings accounts, and are offered free modern housing and school supplies. The company also uses biomass furnaces and clean, renewable hydropower, generating green electricity throughout the year.


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