Peet’s Coffee launches business unit for cold brew chilled distribution

Peet’s Coffee is launching of Coldcraft, a new dedicated business unit for ready-to-drink (RTD) cold brew coffee chilled distribution.

Under Coldcraft, Peet’s and Stumptown Coffee Roasters RTD cold brew bottles and on-tap kegs will be delivered chilled by its own Direct Store Distribution (DSD) network, assuring absolute freshness and superior taste. Coldcraft will be the only company-owned chilled distribution network within the coffee industry. Currently, Peet’s RTD cold brew is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, where it enjoys a 30 percent market share of single serve refrigerated cold brew. Through Coldcraft, Peet’s will expand its cold brew market reach throughout California while also unveiling a fresh packaging design and adding a new non-dairy almond milk offering.

“With the introduction of Coldcraft, we will continue to provide our consumers with new ways to enjoy the high-quality coffee they expect from us,” says Dave Burwick, CEO, Peet’s Coffee, Emeryville, California. “True cold brew coffee is steeped slowly and, most importantly, requires continual refrigeration all the way to the point of consumption. Using the same model as we do with our bagged bean business, Coldcraft’s refrigerated Direct Store Distribution network will ensure that every bottle of cold brew is as fresh and flavorful as possible when it hits cooler shelves.” Peet’s has built a brand leadership position in premium bagged coffee by providing the nation’s freshest coffee to consumers through its DSD network.

Following the successful San Francisco Bay Area test market launch of Peet’s RTD cold brew in mid-2016, the brand will now utilize Coldcraft to expand its distribution throughout all of California. Peet’s will also add a new non-dairy offering with almond milk, as well as unveil an updated packaging design.

“When we launched Peet’s ready-to-drink in July of 2016, it quickly became the top single-serve refrigerated cold brew brand in the Bay Area,” said Tiffin Groff, vp and general manager, Coldcraft. “Building on that momentum, we are widening Peet’s ready-to-drink cold brew availability throughout California in time for summer. We are also excited to add Stumptown, the pioneers in cold brew, to our refrigerated Direct Store Distribution network.”

Peet’s RTD Cold Brew, with an MSRP USD $3.99, will soon be available throughout all of California in Peet’s coffee bars, grocery, natural food stores, and partner locations. It boasts four coffee beverages with refreshed packaging design:

  • Baridi Black Cold Brew — the purest expression of cold brew from Peet’s Coffee, served straight up in a 10.5-fl oz glass bottle;
  • Almond Milk Cold Brew — the newest Peet’s ready-to-drink cold brew is Baridi Black with smooth almond milk and pure cane sugar, in a 10.5-fl oz bottle;
  • Coffee au Lait Cold Brew — a coffee-forward pairing of Baridi Black with the freshest rBST-free milk and pure cane sugar, in a 10.5 fl-oz bottle;
  • Dark Chocolate Cold Brew — Baridi Black made even more delicious with the freshest rBST-free milk and rich Guittard cocoa, in a 10.5 fl-oz bottle.

Peet’s is also introducing Nitro Cold Brew on tap kegs that will pour nitrogenated coffee – a smooth and creamy cold brew coffee experience. Nitro will be available in select Peet’s coffee bars, stadiums, colleges, universities, and more locations to come throughout the summer.

 The base of Peet’s RTD cold brew and on-tap kegs starts with the same cold brew coffee served in Peet’s coffee bars, made with the proprietary East African Baridi Blend. Sourced from small-holder farms, and specially selected for its bright, juicy and aromatic profile, it is expertly hand roasted and then brewed slowly to produce a smooth, refreshingly bold cold brew coffee. Peet’s RTD cold brew is fresh and perishable, requiring constant refrigeration.

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