Demus SpA

Headquarters: Via G&S Caboto 31, 34147 Trieste
Laboratory headquarters: Via Querini 6

Tel: +39 040 28058

Email: [email protected]


Demus has been decaffeinating and dewaxing green coffee and producing unrefined, natural caffeine since 1962. The plant is located in the industrial zone of the port of Trieste (Italy), one of the most important terminals in the sector in Europe. Demus has developed considerably over the years. This has been achieved thanks to its constant investment both in research (the company holds various industrial patents and has had several studies published in leading industry journals) and in constantly expanding its knowledge concerning decaffeination methods, as well as the company's focus on the latest market trends - quality, environmental issues and safety (the company obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and ISO 14000 in 2010).

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