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Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas Debuts In Miami!
By Carolina Pichardo

For some it may be the weather, for others it may be the ease of conducting business. Regardless of the reason, what’s clear is that on January 9–11, 2008, a majority of the tea and coffee industry will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida attending one of the most beneficial shows of the year, the Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas.

For nearly 15 years, the Tea & Coffee World Cup in Europe and Asia has stood for quality and dependability for the tea and coffee industries. Companies and manufacturers have depended on this show to showcase their capabilities and resources, and to reach out to a rich and distinctive clientele. Tea & Coffee World Cup is not conducting some experiment, or looking to test the tea and coffee waters. On the contrary, they are bringing a proven method to the table. It is a reflection of its predecessors and publication, the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and Tea & Coffee Asia. This reliable and comprehensive trade show is now expanding its horizons, and taking the world of tea and coffee by storm and into the Americas.

Not Your Average Show
Although it is a new show set to debut in the Americas, the Tea & Coffee World Cup brand is not unfamiliar with this territory. From previous show’s attendance, exhibitors and visitors both acclaim the wise selection available to them, due to the company’s strategically selected locations. Whether Hamburg, Shanghai, or Rome, Tea & Coffee World Cup ensures the satisfaction of all those that attend, and Miami, Florida is no exception.

The organizers selected the Miami venue after careful consideration for the Latin American region, as well as for those from North America. Due to its central location and warm climate, Miami, Florida was the ideal location to unite the different segments of the tea and coffee industries. According to Robert Lockwood, president of Tea & Coffee World Cup, “Miami was a very natural, desirable location,” and the timing (after the holiday season for various regions) was a perfect way to bring in the New Year.

The conferences and events taking place at this show are also set to be compelling, with a Regional Coffee Roaster’s Conference taking place, and a strong conference program and curriculum. The industries will benefit from the different associations and meetings taking place –– from seed to cup. The exhibition show not only provides a venue for those on the specialty side, but also responds to those that are involved and represented through other sectors, such as roasters, tea packaging and others within the industrial aspect of the industries; from small, medium to large roasters and tea packers, to suppliers of equipment and accessories. “It is the only show in North America for the tea and coffee industries,” Lockwood stated, “that covers each category.”

With such a strong meeting of the coffee and tea minds exhibiting at one location, the Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas is eliminating the need for many companies to continue globetrotting throughout the year. The aim of the show is to facilitate and strengthen business relationships by assisting companies in making those strong, useful connections with clients early on in the year. Lockwood summarizes it best, “It is where different categories and segments are going to unite –– at Miami.”

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