Twinings announces new Drink in Life campaign

Twinings, a leading wellbeing drinks brand, is blending positivity and vibrancy in its new “Drink in Life” campaign, inviting consumers to share in the optimism of the reinvigorated brand. Showcasing its new Superblends collection, “Drink in Life” demonstrates how these new products help consumers feel good, live well and enjoy life. Twinings’ Superblends are at the heart of the “Drink in Life” campaign, with four new flavors that are fortified with vitamins and functional additives.

“Our ‘Drink in Life’ campaign is rooted in the idea that taking even the smallest step counts when it comes to reaching your wellness goals and contributing to your overall health,” said Mike Currie, VP of Marketing at Twinings North America. “Twinings is committed to delivering quality teas with exceptional taste and aroma that make consumers feel good – both inside and out – with every sip.”

The “Drink in Life” campaign features Twinings’ new Superblends collection, which are wellbeing-focused teas that include functional additives and ingredients. Superblends offers consumers a simple way to approach their overall wellbeing by providing physical and mental benefits, according to the brand.* With a signature blend of tradition and innovation, Twinings aims to deliver delicious wellbeing drinks that nourish the mind, body and soul.* The Superblends collection is available in four premium flavours, with additional flavours slated for 2022.

Sleep+: Wake Up Wonderful*

Combines the sweet flavour of vanilla with warming cinnamon and melatonin, crafting a well-balanced herbal tea that Twinings says is sure to be the tastiest part of a nightly bedtime routine.

Immune Support+: A Super Defense*

Combines the sweet taste of mango and the subtle warmth of ginger with green tea and Vitamin C for an uplifting, everyday cup.

Energy+: Play All Day*

Mixes the flavours of apples and oranges with green tea and Vitamin B6 for an ‘exhilarating’ blend.

Heartea+: Support a Healthy Heart*

Raspberry flavoured hibiscus herbal tea that supports healthy heart function with the addition of Vitamin B1.

“Twinings’ Master Blenders leverage generations of trusted knowledge and ethical integrity to craft exceptional wellbeing drinks that are made with only the finest herbs, fruits and teas,” said Sophia Forrester, herbal sdvisor at Twinings North America. “Twinings is proud to introduce its latest Superblends collection, which offers a range of functional benefits to help consumers enhance their everyday lives, without compromising on great taste.”

Twinings inspires consumers to “Drink in Life” with its full portfolio of wellness drinks, which includes its Superblends collection in addition to products that contain Probiotics and Adaptogens such as Calm, Detox, and Boost. Each cup of Twinings’ Probiotic tea delivers 250 million CFU of probiotics that have been shown to help with effective digestion support. As part of an active and healthy lifestyle, Twinings’ Adaptogen teas can reportedly provide comfort and relaxation, work in harmony with the body’s natural detoxification process and help rev up metabolism.

In addition to its rigorous product development process, social responsibility remains top of mind for Twinings. The company’s Sourced with Care programme aims to improve the lives of its growing communities with efforts that deliver tangible benefits for those involved in Twinings’ supply chain. Examples include empowering women and youth, improving access to water and sanitation, and enhancing livelihoods and land.

The “Drink in Life” campaign will be supported by a multifaceted marketing campaign inclusive of connected television, digital campaigns and in-store point-of-sale materials. Twinings’ Superblends, Probiotics and Adaptogens are sold at national retailers nationwide, leading e-commerce sites, and through for $5.49 (price varies by retailer) per carton. For more information, visit:

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