Onyx Coffee Lab unveils seasonal offerings

Onyx Coffee Lab is on a pilgrimage to find quality, truth, and accountability in coffee. The team journeys to find the finest and most unique coffees in the world.

Roasting in small batches to please the discerning palate of coffee aficionados, the brand focuses on transparency and excellence in everything it does to achieve the highest mark in coffee. Each ethically-traded coffee is accompanied by its pricing and trade data, meaning customers can see what the brand paid for it, what it scored at, who they bought it from, and other details.

Onyx Coffee Lab roasts and ships coffees using solar energy from the roof of its facility. A sample is taken from each roast and cupped for quality to track the coffees’ characteristics and feedback on roast profiles.

This holiday season, the brand is offering multiple gifts for its coffee lovers, including:

2021 Onyx Coffee Lab Advent Calendar

Onyx’s 4th edition Advent Calendar is ready for pre-order featuring 24 unique single-origin whole bean 2oz coffees with a wide range of processing methods, origins, and varieties. Blends come from Colombia, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and more. The calendar is priced at $175.

Catalog Box

The brand believes this box is the ultimate coffee lover’s guide to all things Onyx. Featuring the entire offering list, customers can taste their way through every coffee currently roasted by the company. This boxset features 12, 4oz boxes of coffee that showcase subtle differences between organic acids, terroir, cultivars and more. The Catalog Box is packed in a fold-out gift box full of brewing advice and artwork, and is priced at $80.

Premium Subscription Coffee Programme

Launching in January 2022, Onyx’s new subscription programme includes everything customers need for coffee nirvana, including one year of what the brand believes is the world’s best coffee, a professional brewing kit and brewing guides. Price: $2,850/year.

For more information, visit https://onyxcoffeelab.com

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