Coffee Planet hosts launch event for new strategies and innovations

Coffee Planet, a UAE provider of ethically sourced beans that are roasted on Dubai soil, has announced major strategic developments at a launch event in downtown Dubai. Chief executive officer, Jamie Brown shared exciting news about a new identity, packaging that underpins this, further growth in the Middle East through a partnership in Saudi Arabia and the launch of new products including an Instant offering and aluminium capsules. 

At the Bull & Bear, Waldorf Astoria, Jamie shared news with over 100 customers and industry leaders about the next chapter in Coffee Planet’s strategic growth plans; “Coffee Planet is determined to make Specialty Coffee accessible to all customers, channels, and markets globally and supporting the new logo is a strapline that brings this to life – “Coffee Planet, Everyone’s cup of Specialty”.   

The event was sponsored by two of Coffee Planet’s strategic partners, Victoria Arduino and Necta.  Victoria Arduino, part of the Simonelli Group, are world leading suppliers of traditional machines and grinders, and showcased their award-winning Black Eagle Maverick machine at the venue. Necta, part of the Evoca group are the leading providers of fully automated machines for any out of home environment and had their Kalea Plus in pride of place at the event. 

Attendees got to explore several specialty experiences throughout the evening which included a Coffee Planet brew bar where the relaunched 90+ limited edition coffee from the Cauca region was served. This specialty variety has been carefully roasted to a 90+ Q grade score in Dubai classified as “Outstanding” by the SCA. 

As well as launching the new brand identity, Jamie shared the following new launches. 

  • A new packaging range for Retail and Food Services that features a clean and sleek design on a white background and contour lines that represent the topography of the farms where Arabica beans grow, shown in silver foil. The vibrant colours used to label the different product types, differentiate the products a different look while also maintaining consistency with the white and silver background.  
  • A new aluminium capsule range which also features the staple silver foil contour lines on white, with a different colour differentiating each flavour offering. The capsules packaging also has a unique transparent window which allows customers to view the capsules without opening the box. 
  • New freeze-dried instant products available for the Retail market available in 100g and 200g jars
  • A new Campus that will provide a variety of coffee training courses for the market supporting Coffee Planet’s desire to bring specialty to all. Campus offers a portfolio of courses, run by leading industry experts, covering a wide range of subjects, from a basic understanding of coffee and bean origins to expert-level barista training.  
  • News of a new roasting facility opening in Saudi Arabia, providing the ability to expand in the local, regional, and global market.  
  • The forthcoming launch of 2 Cold Brew cans, Black and Nitro, for the Retail market. Customers will also have the ability to private label these offerings.  

All this innovation can be digested on the new Coffee Planet website which brings to life an evolving story and business that is staying strong to its roots – 

The specialty experiences continued throughout the evening as attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the cold brew products as well find out more about the Campus from its representatives. Finally, a display wall housed all the new packaging and products giving customers the first glimpse of the full range.     

Jamie Brown commented, “I am delighted that we were able to bring so many people to this event which I see as the first of a series where we can facilitate specialty celebrations. I would like to thank everyone for joining and trust that they have gone away as excited as we are at the many launches and exciting new chapter we have shared today.”

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