Two new summer blends added to Buddha Teas’ portfolio

Buddha Teas is adding two new teas – Cranberry Comfort Blend and Echinacea Tea – to its collection of over 100 bagged blends and single leaf teas. The new blends address the growing consumer demand for teas that balance great taste and health benefits. Their debut comes on the heels of news from the Sixth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health1, where researchers presented evidence about the “benefits of tea on cancer, cardiometabolic disease, cognitive performance, and immune function.”

Cranberry Comfort Blend is a floral blend of chamomile flowers and corn silk with the tartness of cranberry, hibiscus and uva ursi. It packs a nutritional punch, says the company, as chamomile helps promote relaxation, cranberry supports the urinary tract, and hibiscus is loaded with antioxidants which has many benefits including managing blood pressure and cholesterol. Uva ursi may reduce bacteria in the urine and increase urine flow. This tea can be served hot or iced, making it a versatile beverage for all seasons.

Buddha Teas’ new Echinacea Tea is earthy in flavour, with all the health benefits of the echinacea flower in supporting the immune system.

“We’re constantly innovating to address consumer demand for certain teas, as well as working with different formulations to achieve the best tasting version of a healthy tea,” says John Boyd, founder and president at Buddha Teas. “Changes in temperature in early summer can hit the immune system, so our new Echinacea Tea is ideal for immune support. At the same time, people want light, flavourful teas that also translate to iced, which is perfect for the Cranberry Comfort Blend.”

The SRP for the new teas is $6.99 and they are sold nationwide in select stores, and at

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