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Each day, millions of people rely on caffeine to wake up. This natural stimulant is an alkaloid consumed by approximately 80% of the world’s population. The benefits of caffeine are well-known… stimulating brain function, protecting against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson, decreasing depression, boosting metabolism, etc. but how much is enough?

Many health-conscious consumers have been considering their caffeine intake for some time. At Descamex, our main goal is to offer a great tasting decaf coffee so no one misses the amazing flavour and aroma.

Peet’s Coffee recently announced 11% sales growth of their decaf coffee, a clear indication of this trend. 100% of Peet’s decaf beans and K-cup® pods are water process decaf. At Descamex, we are proud to be part of Peet’s success as a provider of our Mountain Water process decaf.

Descamex was founded by Don Domingo Muguira in the early 80’s and currently runs two decaf facilities located in Cordoba, Mexico, organic certified since 2003. We offer coffees from all around the globe and export to more than 32 different countries. We hold food safety , traceability and social certifications so all coffee drinkers can…. Enjoy coffee without limits!

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