RGC Coffee releases its 2020 Sustainability Report

RGC Coffee Inc (RGC), a worldwide supplier of coffee, has announced the release of its 2020 Sustainability Report at this year’s National Coffee Association Convention (held virtually from 3-5 March). The 2020 report marks the first time RGC has made officially public the expansive and successful efforts its undertaken at coffee origins under its RGC 3E Elevate, Empower, Educate Sustainability Program.

“As our sustainability efforts continue to expand deeply, we want to ensure we provide ample transparency throughout our journey. It is with great enthusiasm that we present our 2020 sustainability report providing a comprehensive overview of the RGC 3E Sustainability Program, with some of our most notable achievements, lessons learned from past experiences, and insight into our future,” said Ron Gabbay, executive chairman & founder of RGC Coffee.

Angela Pelaez, sustainability manager at RGC Americas, the Bogota-based subsidiary of RGC added: “It is our unwavering commitment to sustainability that enabled us to grow and maintain our sustainable development program: RGC 3E strives to implement shared value across our supply chains that Empower, Educate and Elevate. Working collaboratively alongside our suppliers and clients, we now have 41 community development projects that are benefitting more than 29,000 families at origin.”

Asked about why this report is important, RGC’s president Nathalie Gabbay responded: “The objective of our company is to support coffee communities’ basics needs and to develop sophisticated levels of technical and financial literacy training. Without the collaboration of the industry, coffee growing communities would not be able to sustain themselves over the long-term. I am amazed that what we started in the area of South Tolima Colombia, with our first project “Flor de mi Tierra” over 15 years ago, has grown into a program with multi-million-dollar annual funding reaching almost 30,000 families. This is an incredible achievement, and our sustainability report shows the coffee community how we did it.”

Mr Gabbay summarised by saying: “We believe collaboration coupled with forward-thinking innovation can result in a more vigorous and resilient coffee industry, in which all stakeholders can benefit.”

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