Survey ranks coffee houses on customer service

Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and Gloria Jean’s Coffees have ranked top in a customer service survey of US consumers.

The survey, commissioned by Newsweek in partnership with research firm Statista, asked more than 20,000 consumers in the US to evaluate brands across 141 retails categories based on five criteria: quality of communication, technical competence, range of services, customer focus, and accessibility.

Newsweek conducted the survey in response to a world where automation is increasing, and to highlight how human interaction is beneficial and makes consumer experiences better.

“The waitress who knows your coffee order; the dry cleaner who saves your favorite sweater; the bakery you visit every weekend whose manager gives your daughter an extra cookie – those aren’t merely transactions. They’re relationships. Your community,” said Newsweek global editor in chief, Nancy Cooper in the website’s report.

“As we examined the larger, impersonal forces that are transforming retail, it seemed like a good time to recognize a more personal factor in business success: the ways in which many companies nurture their relationships with consumers.

“The automated future is already upon us, and the hope is that we – as a nation and as individuals – can shape it to our advantage. ”

To recognize the more personal aspects that factor into a business’ success: the ways in which companies nurture their relationships with consumers, surveyed participants were asked to measure if employees were friendly and polite, whether questions were answered correctly and effectively, if expectations were fulfilled, personal concerns were addressed with solutions, and customer service was easily available.

“Delivering superior guest experiences has been at the core of our company culture since day one, and we’re thrilled to be named among the top three coffee chains for excellence in customer service,” said Sam Ferreira, president of Gloria Jean’s Coffees. “It’s our goal to make a visit to Gloria Jean’s the best part of our guests’ day and providing a delicious cup of coffee is only half of the equation. We’re proud of our team members who always go that extra step to ensure that all guests leave with a smile on their face.”

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