JING Tea Launches Origins Explorer for Christmas

JING Tea has released a new range of teas just in time for Christmas. The JING Origins Explorer has been carefully curated to include a selection of single-origin JING loose leaf teas that deliver extraordinary taste. Teas that carry the distinctive signature of their origin and people; expressing the unique essence of terroir and tea master.

Each JING Origins Explorer comes with five-samples of the finest loose-leaf teas from Asia’s famous tea regions, and a guide filled with stories of origin, and how to get the best from the teas at home. All JING’s teas are soured extensively to find the very best taste of a place and are packaged at source for unrivalled freshness. An ideal gift for foodies at Christmas, the Origin Explorer teas were selected by JING’s head of tea, Tom Price, who has spent more than a decade scouring Asia for teas of exceptional quality.

“At JING, we believe in tea with character. Tea with true flavour, made by masters to reflect its origin. Our Origins Explorer will transport any tea lover to Asia, unlocking a whole new world of tea,” says Price.

The range includes:

Organic Dragon Well Supreme Green Tea

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Traditionally pan-fired to elicit its famed, sweet notes of chestnut, it has a thick and velvety texture: an iconic characteristic of terroir unique to Zhejiang.

Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Shizuoka, Japan

The leaves are expertly steamed and rolled producing a sweet, vegetal taste with a grassy-fresh character. The rich and fertile soils in this region create a thick, rounded texture.

Ali Shan Oolong Tea

Chiayi, Taiwan

Grown in one of Taiwan’s most-treasured national park, this tea has a creamy character that gives way to fresh notes of spring flowers and hints of mango and apricot.

Organic Darjeeling First Flush Supreme Black Tea

Badamtam, Darjeeling, India

From the foothills of the Himalayas, this Darjeeling is a supremely fragrant tea with warm, floral notes and exceptional honeyed character.

Yunnan Gold Black Tea

Yunnan, China

The rich soils and subtropical climate of China’s Yunnan province create the perfect conditions for this bold and full-flavoured black tea. The taste combines rounded caramel sweetness with a smooth long-lasting finish of spice – ginger, nutmeg and cloves.


JING Tea Origins Explorer is available for purchase at: https://www.jingtea.com/shop/jing-origins-explorer. MRRP is £20 for tea only, £40 with Tea-iere.

JING Tea was founded in 2004 by Edward Eisler in London, England. Inspired by Asia’s great tea cultures, JING’s teas are the finest quality expressions of authentic provenance, outstanding skill, and exceptional taste: teas that reflect the local terroir and production methods refined by masters over millennia. They do not blend from multiple origins, but source extensively to find the very best taste of a place. Picked and then packaged at source for unrivalled freshness, JING guarantee only the freshest teas.

JING Tea is the tea of choice for the world’s hospitality leaders, with listings in 60-Michelin starred restaurants, with a total of 98-Michelin stars celebrated across all restaurants.

For more information about JING Tea, visit: www.jingtea.com.

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