JING Tea Launches Fruit and Floral Range

JING Tea is launching a fruit and floral range hand crafted from real fruit and flowers. They are expertly-dried to retain their essential oils and to protect the integrity and strength of their flavour. A revolutionary, low-impact process instantly dries the ingredients within a vacuum to maintain supreme taste clarity.

Each combination has been developed by JING’s head of tea, Tom Price, who spent two-years sourcing and selecting ingredients and even more time yet blending them to create products structured for texture, balance and a lasting finish, rendering infusions that are bright and expressive on the palate, and designed to deliver superior, natural flavour.

“We’re confident that with our new JING Fruit & Floral range, we’ve got a tea for every palate,” says Price. “Our unique micro-drying process means we lock in flavours that are otherwise lost in the standard infusion and, by using large, real pieces of fruit and natural flowers, we are able to reveal the true essence and taste of these beautiful ingredients.”

All the infusions in the Fruit & Floral range are caffeine free. The new range includes:

Pineapple & Osmanthus: Intensely fragrant, bursting with tropical pineapple aroma and delicate, floral notes from whole heads of chamomile and osmanthus – a flower prized in Asia for its incredible natural scent of ripened fruit. Together, they create a deliciously sweet and thick, yellow infusion that feels syrupy in the mouth. Smoothed with soft chamomile and honeyed in character with pineapple and osmanthus for a lasting, juicy finish.
Raspberry & Rose: The subtle perfume of whole rosebuds is imbued with the tart fragrance of real raspberry pieces and the ripe, fruity aroma of osmanthus flowers. This soft pink infusion feels jammy on the palate and is complemented by the gently sour character of rosehip shells, delivering complexity and an elegant, delicately floral finish.
Strawberry & Rooibos: The sugared-scent of natural strawberry pieces and uplifting elderflower fragrance gives away to a ruby-red infusion that offers warming comfort in the depths of a rich, rooibos undercurrent. Smooth, sweet and velvety in the mouth, it finishes with a lingering, rounded softness.
Green Apple & Hibiscus: Whole pieces of crisp green apple, hibiscus petals and lengths of spicy lemongrass reveal a zesty aroma and yield a beautifully pink infusion. Vibrant with a fruit-acidity that feels quenching yet balanced in the mouth, a touch of pineapple finishes the blend, all together delivering a grassy-sweet and tart finish.

Tea lovers can buy the new range the JING Tea online shop at https://jingtea.com/shop/tea-type/fruit-and-floral-tea.

London, England-based JING Tea was founded in 2004 by Edward Eisler. Inspired by Asia’s great tea cultures, JING teas reflect the local terroir and production methods refined by masters over millennia. They do not blend from multiple origins, but source extensively to find the best teas that represent their place and people. Picked and then packaged at source for superior freshness, JING guarantees only the freshest teas.

JING has established itself as a leading supplier of tea within the fine food and beverage industry, supplying many of the world’s hospitality leaders, with listings in 60-Michelin starred restaurants (with a total of 98-Michelin stars celebrated across all restaurants). In 2011, JING launched its website making its tea available to customers at home.

For more information about JING Tea, visit: www.jingtea.com.

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