Coffee Reserve Brands re-launches as CULT coffee roaster

Coffee Reserve Brands incorporated and served its first batch of roasted coffee in 1997. With 2017 around the corner and its 20-year anniversary on the horizon, Coffee Reserve Brands has brewed up a new name—CULT Coffee Roaster.

The company recently did some strategic restructuring of key roles within the organization, and significantly rebranded as CULT Coffee Roaster “to better embody who we are and where we are going,” said Hans Schatz, the newly appointed president and CEO of the Phoenix, Arizona-based coffee roaster.

Rick Grayson, the former CEO, has stepped into the position of founder-chairman.

As part of its rebranding and efforts to stay ahead of the industry trends, late last year Cult Coffee Roaster debuted Brow Lifter Nitro Coffee, which is currently served in local restaurants including Phoenix Ale House Central Kitchen, Jarrod’s Coffee Tea + Gallery, Elevate Coffee House, Wildflower Bread Company, and outside the Phoenix area on the main campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson, and at Forest Highlands Golf Course in Flagstaff.

“Nitro coffee is amazing and our Brow Lifter product is so creamy and smooth it is creating evangelists for the brand everywhere it is served,” said Schatz.

Nationally, CULT Coffee Roaster’s coffees, teas, botanical infusions, and nitros can be found at and distributed by major brands such as Pei Wei, BJ’s Brewhouse, Trader Coffee International, Shamrock Foods, Nicholas & Company, and Left Coast Food & Juice.

The company recently introduced a Brewed Botanical Infusion line of caffeine-free, sugar-free brewed beverages made from all natural ingredients–Coffee Concentrate and Keg Nitro Coffee Brow Lifter–to its line of craft coffees and brewed teas.

With a core staff averaging nearly 30 years of individual beverage industry experience, a top-of-the-line facility with multiple roasting-blending-packaging machines, CULT Coffee Roaster aims to produce high-quality specialty products that begin with specially sourced raw ingredients, are then masterfully roasted and blended, creating artisan finished goods.


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