Fan favourite Cake Batter Signature Latte is back at Dunkin’ Donuts

The returning speciality iced latte combines rich, smooth espresso with cake batter flavour and is topped with whipped cream, a mocha drizzle and rainbow sprinkles. Developed by Dunkin Donuts‘ in-house culinary team, this limited-time drink features bakery notes of sweet vanilla frosting.

Flavours centred around birthday cake and cake batter have proved consistently popular, and have kept coming to life through “hacks” from fans – and even creative Dunkin’ team members – which they shared on social media. Now, the Dunkin’ team has chosen to make cake batter an official menu item as a latte.

“The Signature Latte build was the perfect expression for cake batter because it allowed us to highlight the flavour in a very fun and whimsical way,” said Kelly Callahan, senior research and development technologist at Dunkin’. “And we see the whipped cream, mocha drizzle and sprinkles as our version of ‘the icing on the cake’ – making it as visually appealing as it is delicious.” The Cake Batter Signature Latte will be available as a limited edition drink until 16 August.


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