Volcanica sees its low-acid coffee sales rise

Covid-19 caused a shortage of antacids as more consumers complained about ‘pandemic stomach’ aka acid reflux due to stress and weight gain. This has led to a new trend has emerged, coffee-lovers have turned to low-acid coffee, which is typically grown at lower altitudes. Easier on the stomach while still satisfying and delicious, this coffee is a great option for those who might have acid-related sensitivity. Since the start of the Covid outbreak, Volcanica Coffee – a specialty coffee roaster that imports 150+ exotic coffees from volcanic regions around the world – has seen an increase of sales of its low acid coffee, a blend of natural low-acidic coffees that include beans from Brazil, Sumatra and other Arabica coffees grown at lower altitudes.

Coffees with a pH of five or above are considered low acid coffees (with water being neutral at a pH of seven). There are many different reasons why and how some coffees are less acidic than others. The biggest contributing factors include the altitude the coffee was grown at, with the lower the better, the origin and oftentimes varietal or cultivar of the coffee, the processing method the coffee goes through to strip the coffee seed from the cherry, and of course the roasting process.

Usually, when coffee is being described as acidic it’s more a comment on its flavour notes rather than the actual acids within the coffee. No matter what, there will always be around 30 different acids in a standard cup of coffee. How those acids interact with one another, and then how they interact with your stomach, typically determines whether they are considered low acid or not.

Volcanica Coffee features:

  • Large variety of coffee harvested from mineral-rich volcanic regions that provides the unique flavour coffee lovers seek.
  • Fresh roasted coffee – roasted on demand and includes the roasting date on every bag which is very rare in the industry. All coffees are fresh roasted weekly in a state-of-the-art roasting facility in Atlanta utilising the latest technology with computer automation for consistency and reduced emissions to help preserve the environment.
  • All packages include 16oz (most coffees are now sold in 12oz packages).
  • Shipment sent within one day of order to ensure coffee freshness.
  • All coffee is sourced directly from coffee farms and local cooperatives to ensure top quality.
  • 1% of all sales are donated to the organisation charity: water, whose mission is to help bring clean, safe-drinking water to every person on the planet.

For more information on Volcanica’s low-acid coffee, click here.

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