Exit 11 opens third drive-thru location in Washington, MO

Angela Garland, CEO/co-owner at the third Exit 11 Drive-Thru Location in Washington, MO. Photo credit: Sami G Photography

On 27 November 2020, Exit 11 Coffee LLC opened its third drive-thru location in Washington, MO located at 1900 Phoenix Center Dr. The two-sided drive-thru trailer is permanently parked on the lot behind the Cinema 1 Plus Theater. The official City of Washington ribbon cutting took place on 2 February 2021. This is the second location Exit 11 has opened in the span of eight months and in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic.

Exit 11’s goal has been to prove the model, create a strong foundation and continue to open new locations as the market calls for it. So far every location has been self-funded. “We continue to work on the model daily; coming up with more efficient systems, new products, new procedures, and equipment. Each time we open a new location, we upgrade espresso machines—we are always looking for state of the art equipment. Our number one competitive edge is our employees. We hire great people and continue to train and hone their skills. We have even launched Leadership Training with some of our veteran baristas”, said Angela Garland, CEO. Exit 11 continues to pursue new locations in the St. Louis metro area as well as the area surrounding its flagship location, which now serves as the corporate headquarters.

In addition to serving specialty food and drink, Exit 11 roasts its own coffee beans and makes homemade, organic syrup under the brand ​Scottie’s Coffee​. Scottie’s currently offers four unique roasts of beans from around the world. Each bean is roasted to a perfect colour and taste to ensure the freshest taste in every sip.

The increased demand for Scottie’s Coffee led to the launch of its own roastery in Washington MO, slated to open Spring 2021.

Follow Exit 11 on Instagram @exit11coffee for updates on the ever-growing business and @exit11washmoeast for daily updates on the company’s newest location.

For more information, visit: exit-11.com/coffeedrivethru.

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