Finlays launches premium natural tea extracts range

Screengrab of Finlays' promotional video on the new Wellbeing Collection (can be found via the link below)

Finlays, a leading independent B2B supplier of tea, coffee and botanical solutions, is announcing the launch of The Wellbeing Collection – a new range of premium, natural and sustainably-sourced tea extracts designed to help brand owners to tap into consumer demand for healthy, natural and sustainable products.

The launch of The Wellbeing Collection comes as consumer demand for products that offer functional, health and wellbeing benefits continues to soar. Within the total wellness economy, healthy-eating, nutrition and weight-loss products are valued at $700 billion per year. Of that, Finlays estimates the potential global value of healthy and functional beverages to exceed $300 billion by 2024 – more than one third of all beverages consumed worldwide.

Helping brand owners tap into this rising demand, Finlays uses a unique approach to offer a range of extracts that are rich in naturally-derived antioxidants, linked by consumers to health and wellbeing benefits. The Wellbeing Collection includes a selection of green, black, white, purple and organic tea powders, as well as aroma and essence. Extracts in The Wellbeing Collection are natural, and offer clean label claims, as well as being sustainably sourced from Finlays’ own tea farms in Kenya.

Finlays’ tea operations in Kenya are at the heart of its unique approach. With the only tea extraction facility located on a tea farm in the whole of Africa, Finlays can harvest tea leaf and process it into extract within the same day. This prevents degradation of valuable oxygen-sensitive ingredients such as antioxidants. Leveraging Finlays’ bush to cup supply chain also means extracts are fully traceable.

Rachel Jones, group head of Business Development at Finlays says: “The health and wellbeing megatrend is one of the most exciting long-term opportunities for brand owners and that is especially true following Covid-19. Tea is an ingredient that consumers closely associate with health and wellbeing, making it the perfect ingredient to tap into this trend which is why it’s known as the forgotten nutraceutical. The Wellbeing Collection is the result of our constant endeavour to get the best out of tea naturally, in the form of extracts that are rich in bioactive compounds, natural and sustainably sourced.”

To find out more about The Wellbeing Collection, visit:

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