European Speciality Tea Association launches TEA 101 course

European Speciality Tea Association has launched an online introductory tea education seminar, TEA 101 in collaboration with Australian Tea Masters, specifically aimed at entry level tea students who are not able to attend traditional tea education courses due to the current pandemic situation.

The course, which can be completed in one or several visits was developed by Australian Tea Masters and has been successfully delivered by them for several years. The European Speciality Tea Association version was amended to suit European markets, the course is offered free of charge to their members and has a cost of 45 Euros (£40) for non-members. All successful students will be awarded a certificate jointly issued by both bodies.

Alexis Kaae, vice president and head of Education for European Speciality Tea Association said: “We had not originally planned anything like this as our main focus is developing our Tea Certification Programme which will be launched later this year, but we felt that offering TEA 101 to our members and other tea students who are unable to attend training in personwould be beneficial to them, and early results are very encouraging.”

Sharyn Johnston, CEO and founder of Australian Tea Masters, added: “As members of European Speciality Tea Association we wanted to support them in the education of tea beginners in Europe so we were happy to share our experience and success with TEA 101 with them.”

To join TEA 101, visit the website at: and click on the education tab for further details.

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