Newby Teas announces new Van Gogh collection

Luxury British tea brand, Newby Teas, has announced a collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

As a celebration of Vincent Van Gogh’s floral paintings, Newby Teas has carefully developed three special fine tea blends that the company says embody Van Gogh’s iconic masterpieces. The collection is made up of Sunflower Dew, Earl Grey and Almond Calm tea blends and each tea caddy features one of Van Gogh’s paintings.

Newby Teas’ new collection is available online and at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, home to the world’s largest collection of works by the artist. The museum honours the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh and the art of his time, and each purchase from the Museum shop supports the work of the Van Gogh Museum.

Aneta Aslakhanova, global marketing director at Newby Teas, said: “Working with Van Gogh Museum has been such an inspirational project for Newby. As we are partly owned by the N Sethia Foundation, Newby has always supported the preservation and celebration of art. We share this with our friends at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, as they are supported by the Van Gogh Foundation, working to preserve the art of one of the great masters of our time. We are extremely proud to showcase this collection and play a small part in celebrating some of the masterpieces of one of history’s most revered artists.”

Newby Teas’ Van Gogh collection features:

Sunflower Dew

This floral green tea blend reflects one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, Sunflowers. Newby Teas says that the flavour of the delicate leaves is enhanced by the addition of sunflower petals and the irresistible light scent of jasmine.

Earl Grey

A full-bodied black tea combining the citrus tinge of natural bergamot with intense notes of malt. Newby Teas says this black tea reflects the powerful complementary colours used by Van Gogh for his work Irises. Cornflower petals add a floral contrast to this robust blend, imbued with natural bergamot oil.

Almond Calm

Newby Teas says that this black tea reflects the beauty and delicacy of Van Gogh’s much-loved Almond Blossom, a painting symbolising new life. The leaves are infused with the natural flavour of almonds and the tea reportedly features light notes of vanilla and warm toasted almond, with a honeyed aftertaste.

Newby Teas’ new collection is exclusively available online at, Newby Tea’s luxury boutique in Gstaad, Switzerland and at The Van Gogh Museum and online at

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