Peet’s Coffee reopens 35 locations

As part of a phased approach, Peet’s Coffee has announced the reopening of 35 locations in California, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois. All locations are operating in a limited access model due to Covid-19 restrictions, whereby the cafe space is closed to customers.

Peet’s customers can order and pick up at the front door of the coffee bar, or place an order using Peet’s Mobile Order Ahead app. Through the app, customers can easily find their favourite beverages and product categories, with all locations offering whole and ground coffee beans for home brewing, too.

Peet’s has also implemented enhanced protocols for cleaning and sanitation. Additionally, employees are required to wear face coverings while working, with symptom checks being conducted at the beginning of each shift. The company has also moved POS registers and chip readers to the front of the stores so customers can perform their own credit card transactions.  Chip pads are wiped down after each guest.

Peet’s is reportedly continuing to evaluate the existing conditions and evolve operations accordingly with the well-being of ‘Peetniks’ and communities in mind.

For Peet’s Coffee’s store locator, visit:

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