Mostra Coffee announces new instant coffee and San Diego location

Mostra Coffee, champion of the Philippine coffee industry, has announced two new developments this month: the launch of its first instant coffee and the opening of its second premium coffee experience in San Diego.

Mostra’s Guatemala Bella Carmona Peaberry Instant Coffee was developed by a San Diego-based specialty coffee shop and offers notes of milk chocolate, caramel, toasted almond and pear which can be enjoyed brewed hot or cold.

“Life’s busy. Sometimes we don’t have time to grind, brew, and pour a cup of coffee before running out the door,” said Mostra co-founder Jelynn Malone. “That’s why we’re looking for ways to streamline your cup, from working on an app for pre-ordering drinks to creating the first instant coffee to truly offer instant gratification.”

Mostra’s instant coffee will also be available in the brand’s new 4S Ranch location in San Diego, CA at the end of the month, where you can also experience Mostra’s Mavam performance espresso machine.

In addition to the San Diego store, Mostra also has plans to open shops in San Francisco, New York and Manila.

Every purchase helps Mostra increase economic opportunities in the Philippines while putting its once thriving coffee industry back on the map—an act driven in honor of their Filipino heritage.


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  1. Coffee consumption is changing around the globe especially in the urban areas and with the growing middle-class population.

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