Akebono Tea launches organic line

Akebono Tea is releasing a line of eight organic teas which infuse herbs with traditional Japanese tea, and will begin shipping worldwide.

The classic tea collection consists of traditional Sencha, Hojicha and Genmaicha as well as herbal blends, which mix in various herbs to complement the Japanese tea bases to create rich, aromatic fragrances and refreshing tastes.

The tea leaves are grown and handpicked at a farm located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, taking in all the nutrients from sunlight and water running from the mountain to nourish the soil. All blends are certified organic by JAS, meaning their tea can be enjoyed with the peace of mind knowing there are no pesticides or chemical fertilisers used in the cultivation process. As well as promoting the use of organic tea leaves, Akebono Tea encourages sustainable relationships between customers, producers and nature, as they purchase the tea leaves directly from tea farms.

Inspired by the city of Tokyo, where the company started, Akebono Tea blends together the old and the new. Their goal is to create unique Japanese tea by mixing traditional tea and herbs and creating a new perspective as a brand by incorporating tradition and modernity, two aspects which can be found in the city of Tokyo.

About Akebono Tea

Akebono Tea, founded by a young female entrepreneur Misato Tanaka, is the world’s first and only organic tea brand specialising in Japanese green tea bases. As a brand their mission is to create teas full of nourishment and rejuvenating factors so that their customers are able to live a better and healthier lives by enjoying Akebono Tea to thrive on the inside and outside.

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