ICO Award for Excellence in Coffee-Related Research: Call for papers

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is now welcoming entries for the 2019 ICO Award for Excellence in Coffee-Related Research.

This Award, launched for the first time this year, was created to promote high-quality research on emerging issues in the global coffee sector, to engage with young economists and researchers, generate innovative approaches to address development issues in coffee-producing countries and to stimulate debate.

The research paper should cover a relevant topic related to the sustainable development of the coffee sector, and align with the ICO’s thematic focus for the current coffee year 2018/19: ‘Profitability: consumption and productivity’. While candidates have freedom to choose their own topics, provided they are relevant to the coffee sector, preference will be given to those papers addressing research questions that fall under the ICO’s current thematic focus.

The competition is open to all economists and researchers in social sciences who are in the process of completing a PhD or who have completed their degree in the last five years, are citizens of an ICO Member country or affiliated to an institution based in an ICO Member country, and have a proven interest in the area of coffee economics.

Not only does the winner receive a cash prize and the recognition of winning the ICO Award for Excellence in Coffee-Related Research, but they are also exposed to a wider audience through ICO communications activity, publications and events.

To enter the competition, the candidate should submit an essay, thesis work or journal article, in an official language of the ICO (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish), preferably English, which should not exceed 15,000 words to [email protected] no later than 30 June 2019.

Information about ICO documents is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish on the ICO website.

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