Lavender Latte pour-over coffee from Copper Cow

Copper Cow Coffee, the Vietnamese pour-over coffee brand, is introducing its first flavored option, Lavender Latte.

2018’s trend for floral flavors inspired Copper Cow to create a quality organic option. The coffee contains no artificial flavoring as the dried lavender is ground into the coffee itself, creating natural and intense aromatics. The Lavender Latte comes in a box set of 5 featuring Copper Cow’s natural condensed milk ($17 for 5 pack).

Copper Cow uses Vietnamese-grown beans to create an easy pour-over style coffee. It features a compostable pour-over filter filled with dark-roast Vietnamese coffee that fits snugly over most glasses and mugs, without the need for a coffee maker. The addition of hot water yields a strong, nutty brew, and kits contain a packet of sweetened condensed milk to enable consumer to make the coffee to their taste.

California-based Copper Cow Coffee was founded by Debbie Wei Mullin, who set out to elevate one of her family’s favorite past times: Vietnamese coffee. She went searching for natural, socially sustainable, specialty Vietnamese coffee and discovered the brewing technique of single serving pour over bags.

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