AMT Coffee Introduces 100% Bio Compostable Coffee Cups & Lids

AMT Coffee, the independent British coffee retailer has launched 100% bio-compostable 12-oz coffee cups and lids in all its 50+ coffee bars across the UK. AMT is the first UK-based coffee company to introduce this environmentally friendly product.

Made from the waste of sugar cane crop, the cup will naturally break down at room temperature and will fully decompose within one year. This is by far the greenest and best alternative to the traditional plastic lined cup and plastic lid, served by many other coffee retailers that take decades to break down. The launch will help reduce the estimated 2.5 billion coffee cups sent to waste entering landfill every year and will help save countless amounts of trees.

Commenting on the launch, Alistair McCallum-Toppin, co-founder and managing director of AMT Coffee says, “It has taken years of research and development to source a fully bio compostable coffee cup and lid. Thanks to new green focused technology and our demand for change, we are delighted to introduce our new 100% bio-compostable coffee cups and lids across all AMT Coffee bars, which are made from sugar cane waste which is a natural plant-based material, and which will decompose within one year.”

The new bio-compostable cups and lids are hitting AMT’s coffee bars in time for the holiday season. “Although it has the usual festive message, this year we wanted to make a serious statement about the importance of making the change for our blue planet and all that depend on it. We only hope the others will follow,” says McCallum-Toppin.

The new cup was designed by McCallum-Toppin together with AMT’s in-house creative team. The ‘Let’s make the change’ Christmas message is inspired by the ocean, marine life and all who rely on it.

AMT Coffee Limited, is an independent, quality and customer-driven business founded in 1993. An ethically-focused company, AMT was the first national, independent UK coffee brand to move to Fairtrade coffee in 2004, and for over 10 years has served its pure double shot Fairtrade coffee exclusively with organic milk. AMT can be found in train stations, airports and hospitals. The company started life trading from a cart on the streets of Oxford. Two decades later, AMT has over 50 coffee bars across the UK and Ireland.

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