Ipanema Coffees Launches Grano Segreto

After five years of quality tests, Ipanema Premier Cru first collection, Grano Segreto, is launching at the Specialty Coffee Association Exhibition (SCA Expo) in Seattle (EUA) from 19 to 22 April. Grano Segreto will be the first collection to be processed in a new milling structure at Rio Verde farm using equipment to ensure the highest quality of each bean.

With a total area of 1,566 hectares, of which 626 hectares are dedicated to coffee production, 167 hectares to other crops and 773 hectares to environmental preservation, Rio Verde farm is located in the municipality of Conceicao do Rio Verde in the region of Serra Mantiqueira.

All 32 Rio Verde farm coffee terroirs chosen for Premier Cru are above 1,000 metres above the sea level, reaching up to 1,330 metres. The selective harvest of only cherry coffees (ripe fruits) is made manually in small batches of 5,000 litres.

Each terroir is harvested separately and the logistics is all planned to take the coffees to the milling structure in a short time. In the facilities, the batches can be prepared using four preparation methods – Pulped Natural, Natural, Honey and Fully Washed – in different combinations with drying processes.

Currently in the final stages of construction and equipment assembly, Rio Verde farm coffee milling facilities will be launched in June. Made in stainless steel and designed for the preparation of high-quality small lots, the completely automated structure counts with Colombian technology, besides a 14,000-square-metre patio made of hardened polished concrete.

The project was developed in partnership between Ipanema’s industrial team, a group of Colombian engineers of JM Strada and Brazilian architects, combining the best technologies available in the market with the farm’s specific needs to ensure the coffees quality. The completely taylor-made equipment was manufactured in Colombia and Spain and imported to Brazil in 21 containers.

“A brand-new milling deserves a well architected structure. For this reason, we hired a group of prestigious Brazilian architects to turn the farm facilities into state-of-the-art constructions. They joined forces with Ipanema´s team during three years of work. Also, the production of unique and exclusive specialty coffees requires expertise, know-how, technology and a very innovative approach. We searched for the most high-tech machinery available in the global market and established partnerships to build a modern, efficient and automated milling plant capable of integrating dry and wet processes”, says the CEO Washington Rodrigues.

At the Specialty Coffee Association Exhibition (SCA Expo), visitors of the booth will have the opportunity to dive into Premier Cru project and experience several coffee profiles of the tuning lots, such as Wine, Sugarcane, Red Grapes, Citric Orange and Fruity. In addition, visitors can also take samples for further cupping. The focus of the exhibition is to share this  new approach to produce high score Specialty Coffees with consistency and guarantee of origin, as well as the wide range of possibilities this project can accomplish.

Premier Cru coffees will have yearly changing collections. Grano Segreto is the first, with coffees that will be harvested during the 2018/19 crop. Together with renowned international quality experts, Ipanema’s coffee specialist Marcio Silveira will calibrate all Premier Cru coffees, composing Black, Gold and Blue editions, according to the coffees score and taste complexity.

Ipanema Premier Cru website contains more information about the project concept, its pillars and products. After SCA Expo, a list with all 2017/18 tuning lots result of Premier Cru tests will be available, with complete information about each one of the coffee lots, identified with a QR code, and traceability from the plant to the bean.

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