DAVIDsTEA launches Sparkling Cold Brew Tea

DAVIDsTEA has introduced its first ready-to-drink (RTD) sparkling cold brewed iced tea. Available in three flavours, DAVIDsTEA Sparkling Cold Brew Tea merges the brand’s commitment to innovation with the convenience modern consumers crave.

A spokesperson for the company said that DAVIDsTEA launched an iced tea blend made with Organic Earl Grey through a partnership with LOOP Mission in August 2023; but “this is our first DAVIDsTEA-only line of RTD and our first canned sparking cold brewed iced tea.”

Key features of Sparkling Cold Brew Tea include:
Real Ingredients: Made with real ingredients and steeped in cold water, ensuring a full-flavoured tea without any bitterness.
Low Calorie: A guilt-free indulgence, each can of Sparkling Cold Brew Tea is low in calories.
Convenience: Perfect for busy lifestyles, this ready-to-drink tea eliminates the need for steeping, making it easier than ever to enjoy premium iced tea.

The sparkling teas are available in three flavours based on DAVIDsTEA’s best-selling teas:
Organic Cream of Earl Grey: A smooth black tea with rich, silky vanilla notes and a bright pop of citrusy bergamot, reminiscent of a cream soda.
Organic Queen of Tarts: An effervescent and lively blend featuring bright, juicy notes of tart hibiscus and ripe blackberries on a foundation of lush guayusa.
Magic Potion: A caffeine-free herbal tea bursting with the sweet flavour of dark, mixed berries, evoking vibes of juicy blue raspberry candy.

The new Sparking Cold Brew line is available in 18 retail stores in Canada and davidstea.com (CA + US). The MSRP is $3.99 for individual cans and $14.99 for a four-pack (the same price in CAD and USD).

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