Aiya America matcha products now available in US Whole Foods

Aiya America, Inc, a family-owned purveyor of premium Japanese Matcha, recently announced its nationwide distribution expansion to select Whole Foods Market stores. The natural foods chain now carries five Aiya Matcha products, including Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha, Organic Culinary Grade Matcha, Matcha To Go, Sweetened Matcha To Go and Sweetened Roasted Matcha To Go.

Aiya Matcha is committed to providing quality Matcha products. Whether a culinary aficionado igniting creativity in the kitchen or a seeker of solace amid chaotic daily routines, Aiya Matcha’s Whole Foods Market lineup offers a product to suit every palate and purpose.

  • Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha: Aiya’s blend of spring harvest tea leaves, offering natural sweetness with earthy undertones for an authentic experience, says the company.
  • Organic Culinary Grade Matcha: Boasting a robust tea flavour that shines through in every recipe, from beverages to baked goods.
  • Matcha To Go: Crafted for on-the-go consumption of Ceremonial Matcha.
  • Sweetened Matcha To Go: Antioxidant-rich Japanese Matcha and cane sugar, packaged for a latte at the consumer’s convenience.
  • Sweetened Roasted Matcha To Go: Aiya’s newest product, delicately roasted to capture a rich aroma.

“Our nationwide launch into Whole Foods Market marks a significant milestone for Aiya Matcha as we continue our mission to make premium Matcha accessible to all,” said Fumi Sugita, president of Aiya Matcha. “We are particularly excited to introduce our Sweetened Roasted Matcha To Go to Whole Foods Market customers, offering a new way to enjoy Matcha.”

Introduced just last year, Sweetened Roasted Matcha To Go is crafted from slowly roasted Matcha green tea. Compared with the smooth, earthy flavour of traditional Matcha, roasted Matcha has a robust flavour and smoky aroma, rounded off with a chocolatey finish. It’s a unique twist on a familiar flavour, says the company.

Sweetened Roasted Matcha To Go is available exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores through 5 July and directly to consumer doorsteps via and

Aiya Matcha is available now in select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. For Aiya Matcha sales inquiries, contact [email protected] and for more information, visit

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