JNP Coffee expands operations in Europe

As of the beginning of September, JNP Coffee has new operations in Berlin, Germany. The expansion into Europe comes as the company unveils its 2023/2024 harvest. The company says the harvest is a symbol of its growing global footprint. For its European customers and those beyond, JNP Coffee is offering exclusive samples and the chance to reserve coffees.

The company’s latest Burundi coffee, Turihamwe, has proudly secured a 92 score in last week’s Coffee Review. This accolade is a testament to JNP Coffee’s commitment to quality and the rich terroir of Burundi, says the company. As it gears up for its new harvest, customers can sign up for exclusive pre-ship samples and experience Turihamwe alongside JNP’s other offerings, Bahire and Incuti.

JNP Coffee continues to champion the exceptional coffee offerings from Burundi, a nation where coffee plays a pivotal role, contributing to more than 80% of its exports. This year, delve into the intricacies of Burundi coffee, from its unique production and processing methods to the anticipated flavours of the 2023/24 harvest. The dedication of over 800,000 smallholder farmers ensures quality and distinctiveness. As the new harvest season approaches, Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, the founder of JNP Coffee, highlights in her latest blog the efforts to enhance coffee processing, the rise in popularity of natural Burundi coffees, and the initiatives to boost the coffee industry in Burundi.

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