AVPA launches its 6th Teas of the World International Contest

The Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA) has launched its 6th Teas of the World International Contest. This contest forms part of a quartet of contests hosted by the AVPA, including Coffee Roasted at Origin, World Edible Oils, and Chocolates Processed at Origin. Each are part of the AVPA’s objective to promote agricultural producers which develop their products at origin.

The Teas of the World international contest is organised in two distinct parts:

  1. Teas – monovarietal teas (camelia sinensis and camelia assamica), blends, and scented blends, with or without flavours. 
  2. Infusion plants – monovarietals (infusion plants other than camellia sinensis and camelia assamica), blends and flavoured teas.

This year the jury is chaired by Carine Baudry, expert in sensory analysis and founder of Quintessence.

The AVPA international contest objective is to promote the recognition of exceptional producers by focusing primarily on organoleptic aspects.  All this according to a jury of tea professionals, who classifies the samples, eliminating where needed, and submitting its selection to a jury of fine tasters and enlightened amateurs where the Gourmet medals are awarded.

Registration forms and samples are expected on or before 31 August 2023, at the AVPA headquarters in Paris.

Please see the video How to register.

The entire AVPA team and in particular, Ksenia Hleap ([email protected]) in charge of this project remain at your disposal to answer any questions.

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